Friday, September 27, 2013

Addicted to your Mobile & Computer? Take a Break!

When I get up early in the morning, the first thing that I do is to feel around in the semi-darkness to see where my mobile is. I see the time and go back to sleep. It doesn’t help either when my father scolds me for sleeping with a mobile so near to my body. He warns that it’s not good for my health. I nod at his words and listen patiently. But the next morning you will find my mobile right next to me near my head.  

My mother is more worried for my eyes. I sit in front of a computer in the office, forgetting time and lunch and keep staring at the monitor as if my eyes and the desktop screen are north and south poles of a magnet. Many times my eyes suffer and I feel headache. I keep blinking and drinking coffee and go back to my work. My mother calls me in the morning to know where I am. I tell her that I am sitting in front of my PC. She calls up in the afternoon and asks at that time where I am. I tell her that I am in front of my PC. When she finally calls in the evening, she repeats my previous answer in a questioning way-“in front of your PC?” And this leads to another headache for her. If my poor eye-sight becomes worse in future, how would she get a good-looking and talented son-in-law?! She orders me to eat more fruits and drink lots of water. You see I have some serious issue with water. I fill up water every morning in a blue bottle and keep it in my cubicle.  Evening comes and goes and still you won’t see any change in it. When I tell my mother that I forgot to drink water, she loses her patience and shouts on the other line of the call. At that time, I seriously thank god that I am not in front of her.  Fruits I like to eat. But feel too lazy and tired to buy in the evenings. 

There used to be days when in childhood, I used to sit in front of TV to watch all my favourite shows. Be it cartoons like Tintin, Heidi, Ariel, DuckTales and Mowgli. Now those cartoons have been replaced by news channels, English Channels and Channels that telecast saas-bahu serials. Going back from my work, I watch Jodhaa Akbar and Mahabharata mandatorily. I am not able to digest my dinner if I don’t come to know what Jodhaa did to irritate Akbar that day in the episode. My mum, a die-hard fan of Big Boss, doesn’t call me between 9pm-10pm. After the show ends, she calls up just to hear that the area around my eyes are aching again. She freaks out totally. 

I have seen my friends carrying their mobiles in their hands or pockets and talking/chatting non-stop through earphones. Facebook is just a click away. People have become more multi-tasking these days. Sharing the screen with a person sitting in another DC and chatting at the same time on WhatsApp is the latest trend.     

We know that getting addicted to gadgets is going to ruin our health. We know the ill-effects of excess usage of anything. But still we can’t seem to help it. We have brought this on us in the first place. So we should be the ones to control it as well. Technology came into existence to make our lives comfortable and fast.  But getting addicted to it is not going to be any good. Don’t let the gadgets around you rule your body, mind and soul. Take a break and maintain some distance with the electronics around you.

One of my friends doesn’t attend calls after going home. He insists that he uses mobile at his workplace only and after going home it’s just family time. He likes to stay disconnected from his over-priced cell phone at home, because anyway he is going to stick to it like a chewing gum after going to work the next day. And he has deliberately not downloaded any social networking app on it. Once every week, he logins on his Facebook account to check on his friend’s statuses from his own laptop. One of my relatives, working in an IT company, takes a 10 mins break every hour just to stay away from her computer. She goes around to her friends on other floors, talks and laughs. She does this on purpose to get an opportunity to walk and stretch her stiff body. When she works, she gives her best and when it’s time to take a short break, she doesn’t even listen to her manager and goes on to do anything that would save her eyes for the next 10 mins. My father sits on his laptop frequently to do his office related work. But he takes breaks, eats fruits in between, especially his favourite papaya and talks with his colleagues. This is his way of relaxing his body and mind. The thing that I-don’t-have-time-to-eat-or-talk doesn’t exist in his dictionary.

So I have promised myself one thing. Did anybody notice that I haven’t written reviews of any novels for a long time now? I purchased a copy of Talkative Man some two weeks back and still didn’t finish reading it. The reason? Whenever I start reading, I begin to feel strain around my eyes and a sudden headache follows. I shut the novel many times in frustration. So this weekend I am planning to go for an eye check-up and hope that my new specs would look compatible with my face, this time atleast! And I am going to keep my mobile at bay from me when I sleep. I haven’t decided which would be the safe place to keep it so that it’s away from me, which would be healthier, but at the same time accessible in times of emergency. For an alarm clock, I’ll have to think of something. Should I hunt up for that rusty old alarm clock which was my best friend during my 10th std board exams or should I just rely on the early morning sounds of crows and dogs? I’ll try to drink more water from today onwards. I’ll keep it besides my monitor so that I remember that yes, god has indeed made water. So drink it. Now left out are fruits. It would be a good idea to stock up kitchen with fresh fruits on weekends only. 

I am ready for fresh round of bashing from my mum this weekend. Best of luck to me. But I seriously doubt that luck will be helpful at all this time. Because even luck goes scared stiff when an angry mum is around the corner.

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