Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Conjuring

The Conjuring is an American horror movie directed by James Wan and released in US on 19th July 2013. It released in India on 2nd August 2013.  The movie revolves around the one case that Ed and Lorraine Warren, paranormal investigators/ghost hunters, try to solve to save a family. Vera Farmiga has played the lead female role of Lorraine Warren and Patrick Wilson is in the leading male role of Ed Warren. I saw the trailor of the movie when I went to watch Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. The trailor was scary enough so much that I decided to watch the film whenever it releases, no matter what. 

The story unfolds in 1971 when a family of a husband, wife and five daughters move into a dilapidated house, completely unaware of its past history. Strange things keep happening to them. Firstly, their dog is found dead the next day. The first day the same dog had refused to enter inside the house and kept barking and growling at night. Carolyn, the mother, finds herself locked in a cellar, while trying to stop the girls from playing hide and clap at night. Later she realizes that her daughters are sleeping and someone else (a spirit) is tempting her to play the game. One of her daughters declares that she likes to talk to a boy who is sad and hides himself from others. Another daughter feels that somebody keeps pulling her leg at night while she sleeps. Carolyn suffers from bruises and scratches. She does not understand how or from where she is getting hurt. All the clocks stop working at mysteriously at 3:07am. One of their daughters starts sleep-walking and lands up near a cabinet/wardrobe always at night. 

Finally Carolyn calls on Ed and Lorraine. They visit her house and declare that demonic spirits are latching on the family members and feeding off on their mother. Later more secrets are unveiled regarding the past history of the house and how anybody who had ever owned the land in the past has suffered gruesome death. They conclude that the house needs exorcism, an act that only priests from church can perform. They contact the father of a church with proofs of demonic presence in the house, who after a bit hesitation, becomes ready to help them. Later, a spirit possesses Carolyn and tries to kill one of her daughters. Everyone rushes to the spot and Ed tries to perform exorcism himself due to lack of time. The possessed Carolyn shouts blood-curdling screams while the enchantments are delivered by Ed. The spirit puts up a fight and refuses to leave Carolyn’s body. In the end, due to combined efforts of exorcism and her husband’s support, the spirit successfully is forced to leave Carolyn’s body. The family comes together in the end and thank Ed and Lorraine for their help.

The genre of the movie is horror and it successfully stands on it. There are scenes which will scare you from the beginning till end. The theatre erupts in screams (by girls mainly) and loud gasps occasionally. In some scenes, instinctively, I had raised my stole over my specks to cover my vision. I knew a disfigured face would appear after that pin-drop silence in the cellar or when that creaking door of the room opens. My friend, unable to control herself, screamed in one scene so loudly that her neighbor in the adjacent seat turned to look at her and said ‘Don’t shout like that. You are scaring me!” Of course, some young boys and men from the audience can always be counted upon. There were some frustrating moments when I wanted to see who would appear when a music box stops playing music with a mirror on its surface. But that moment was ruined when somebody from the audience started howling like a wolf in advance.

I expected some more from the movie. The previous history of the paranormal investigators is shown in a rush. No firm story on that. How they met, how do they cope with work pressure and how they achieve balance between their personal and professional life is a mystery. I would have loved to see more of their cases in the movie in detail. More scary scenes to view! The film finishes within 2 hours. In the end, you are left to ask for more. But overall, the movie is good/scary to watch.  And yes, no need to get too scared. It’s not those kinds of Hollywood horror films that you will keep feeling scared even after going to your homes. For this movie, you sit in the theatre, you feel scared on some scenes, you feel goose bumps and anticipate the next scene, you shout and scream and the movie ends. That’s it. You leave all your scary feelings behind on your seat and leave the cinema hall, after giving a swift look at your neighbour to confirm that his/her face is not disfigured:-)


  1. Have not had a chance to watch this yet but planning to do so soon.

  2. Ha! :D Sinister also had a similar plot! Basically all hauntings start when a family moves to a new house ;) Seen The Others?