Friday, July 26, 2013

Oye! It's Friday!

I am grinning since morning. I don’t know for what. My colleagues are cheerful and their bright faces are hard to miss. I no longer feel tired or exhausted. I don’t want to complaint about anything today. Give me work to do and I am ready to do it with my eager fingers on the soft keys of the old desktop. Though I doubt there is any work to do. Those who do are themselves smiling and lounging in their seats happily, no longer complaining about their stiff chairs or back-ache problems.  All because it’s Friday. It does not matter if the world is going to end tomorrow. Because it’s Friday! Time to chill, relax and enjoy!

We have Sundays for full rest and entertainment. We, as Infoscions, have a day off on Saturday as well. But nothing can beat the excitement of Fridays. The day when finally a week of hectic work will officially come to end in the evening. The day when we can plan for the weekend and pester colleagues for an outing. The day when it’s a goodbye to friends and a welcome to family for the next two days. It’s a day when we reflect back on the past events of the week and make a mental note to not repeat our mistakes the next week. Anybody’s birthday out there on weekend? We want a treat today! No buts and no excuses. We cannot wait till Monday. Sorry!

Today, new movies are up and running in theatres. Though Bollywood is releasing them at an alarming growth rate that could match the population of India in future, we eagerly turn to BookMyShow. We find out which movies are releasing in which theatre and plan the weekends accordingly. Even if any movie’s review is bad, we flock the theatres for our beloved eye-candy superstars. Bless Hollywood. In such times, they come to our rescue. The other most sought after planning is for a quick trip to a nearby place or a tour to a new city. Let’s go to Ooty. Or a short trip to Goa also would do. When such an adventurous travel is to be started in today’s evening, then it’s a quick goodbye to work. We create havoc for Google while searching on the best route to travel, train tickets (tatkal), hotel bookings etc. There is hurry to leave the office soon to start packing and make some phone calls to spread the good news to more friends and families.

Some like the thought that they are going to sleep peacefully at last for the next two days. No more hurry to catch that bus. Sleep tight in your bed and don’t get up till 10 am. These thoughts makes many yawn unabashedly on Friday. It’s also a day when a man keeps aside his work and plans his next date frowningly. Will she like to have a candle-lit dinner? Or else how about a romantic walk across the sea-shore?  Women plan to go for shopping in that new mall their friends went last week to. Asking for new recipes to impress roommates/hubby is another important talk of the day.

I wait for Friday evenings to come soon. I doubt the system time today. It always feels so slow and irritating. For example when I looked back, it was 11:20 am. Then after a long time when I again checked, it was just 11:25 am! Oh, god! When will it be 5 pm? Anyway, I am eagerly looking forward to next day. Saturday is allocated to my beautiful world of novels. I am done reading Anuja Chauhan’s Those Pricey Thakur Girls.  It’s like an Indian version of Pride and Prejudice. This is Anuja Chauhan’s third novel. I am planning to buy her first 2 books- The Zoya Factor and Battle for Bittora, this weekend. On Sunday…well..…it’s Aashiqui 2! Two times like a double century. Sony Max has left no stone unturned to promote the upcoming television premiere of the movie. The way they are sending signals feels like we should switch off our mobiles and cut ourselves from the rest of the world on July 28, 2013. Because sunn raha hai naa tu? It’s Aashiqui 2! The songs of the movie and especially the first half will keep me engaged nicely on Sunday. No doubt on that. I am going to keep my wafers and popcorns by my side. On top of it, there is a rumor of a trip to Someshwara beach. I have seen pictures of devastation of the beach due to heavy rains resulting in sea erosion and so I doubt I would be up for it.   

So far, the planning looks great and I am assured of a good weekend ahead. Evening is yet to arrive and so I am keeping my fingers crossed for further ideas by my friends. Till then, have a happy weekend! Stay safe and enjoy every moment you get.

Cheers to life and thank god its Friday!!            


  1. happy Ashiqui 2 ! and Happy novel day tomorrow .. TGIF ? for me everyday is same .. :) I never knew I will ever be able to live a free life .. but dreams have come true.. since last 4 months I have no job .. the last job terminated me from its services :D and since then.. I am giving all excuses back home..drawing as many toons as possible .. reading as many blogs as I can .. cycling at least an hour a day ...I am free !! everyday is so blissful .. hahhaha
    Do not think I am a kamchor .. hhhahaha !!

  2. thnk god its friday........:-)

  3. TGIF..
    well, since am a college student, I don't find much difference between Friday or a Monday.
    We enjoy at home, we enjoy at college, we enjoy when we attend classes and we enjoy when we bunk them too.