Thursday, June 06, 2013

Shaadi Mubaarak!!

Have you ever applied for a leave of 2 weeks straight on your first day of a new job? I did. It looked odd and unprofessional but I had no choice. I hate that kind of thing. But people dont rely on other's schedule while fixing dates of their marraiges, do they?

I had just got posted to a new place and my mum announced the inevitable. Two of my relatives were getting married. Straight back-to-back. And I had to attend it. So feeling a lot helpless, I approached my manager with a sinking heart. But he granted me permission in next second. Lucky me.

The paan stall and I didn't try it.

The Kalash

Jaimaal time
Don't confuse him for a bride-groom...he is my brother and single

My cute cousin...lost and found during the marriage

She talks faster than a shataabdi

Guess who is this...


  1. You are the pretty one in the last pic!!

  2. nice photographs !! Had fun haanh ?? :)

  3. u r gonna work all days all thru d year... a few days of fun at the wedding is super mini vacation!
    hope u enjoyed it !