Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dadi ka achaar

These are my grandma'a home-made pickle. Meri dadi ka achaar. She is responsible for the annual supply of pickle in our house. Luckily this time, I was sitting beside her and watched the whole process. Though it seemed very easy, I know that if I would have been in her place, I couldn't have done it alone. She is an expert of making pickles of Mangoes and chilies. Hats off to her patience and energy! 

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  1. I guess Its a trend among bhaiyas - aam ka aachar is either from daadi ke ghar se ya naani ke.. :)

    Even you are a UPite i suppose as the last name explains. I mean i am a bhaiya :) too .Annual supply of aam ka aachaar of my family used to be from my naani's house as well .. until recently she left for heavenly abode and left us licking our fingers and craving for more of these but managing with mother's recipe mango pickle!! :(
    I miss her so much Snehal when I see these photographs history rewinds in my eyes .

    Thank you dear friend for the sweet share !!!