Sunday, October 28, 2012


This is indeed very surprising. I wanted to surprise my readers with another blog. Instead I ended up being very surprised. Coincidence? or another luck by chance? Anyway, like many others, I feel as if I have developed some angelic wings and want to fly high till I reach the Eiffel Tower! I am simply so happy and excited. This is my first blog award and that too being nominated by two awesome and cool bloggers is like a dream come true. Seriously, not kidding! 

First of all, I would like to thank Madhavi and Shilpi Karnani for nominating me for the Liebster Blog Award. So here it goes..... 

11 facts about me:

1. Blogging is my passion. Can't live without it. The day I don't blog, I feel guilty.
2. A bibliophile by birth.
3. A foodie and my favourites are paneer and barfi.
4. Software Engineer but dont ask me anything technical.
5. Hate to waste my time.
6. Like to travel in different cities.
7. Short-tempered like my dad.
8. I can read my favourite novels again and again without getting bored.
9. Greatest fan of John Cena, Salman Khan, Rahul Kanwal and Shobhaa De
10. I am stubborn and love the spotlight.
11. My family is my greatest support.

 Now here are the answers for the questions set by Madhavi:  
     1. Your favourite person in life(can be friend, cousin, teacher, etc) not personality.
        :  Safina (my best friend).
     2. Ever frightened because of a dream? 
       : Yes. Loads of time. I wake up, see left and right, then again go back to sleep!
     3. Describe you in one word?
      : Unpredictable.
     4. Reason that why you like the person most(that you mentioned in the first question)
      : She is always with me when I need her the most. 
     5. Your realistic target in your life to achieve 
      : To become an author
     6. Ever helped an unknown person?
      : Sometimes.
     7. Fun or most memorable moment in your school life?
      : When board exam results were out. 
     8. Are you frequent dreamer? If so, what kind of dreams you get? 
      : I am a day-dreamer. I fantasize about a lot of things.
     9. What is life according to you? 
      : The simpler, the better.
   10. If are a super-human, what will you contribute to this world? 
      : I will try to eradicate corruption. But I dont think whether that would be possible in India even with    super-human powers......

    11.Last question and which is aspect of my blog you like it most? Look&feel or Writing...
      : The  comments section!

Now time for Shilpi's questions!

1. One thing you would love to change about yourself.
  :  I would love to know how to sleep late in the mornings at weekends.....

2. Your favourite book/movie you would love to watch again and again
  : Harry Potter.

3. Sweet or spicy stuff.
 : Sweet

4. Early riser or a late night person.
  : Early riser.

5. Which aspect of blogging do you love the most?
  : Comments.

6. If you meet God one day, what would you ask him?
  : I would ask him to let me and my family be fit and healthy always.

7. Do you believe in luck?
  : A bit.

8. Is it possible to have a person fall in love at first sight?
   : Possible, you just have to follow in the footsteps of Shahrukh Khan. 

9. Do you think happiness comes with money?
  : Nope

10. One person in your life you miss desparately.
     : My family members. (I am far away from them right now geographically!)

11. Your views on my blog.
    : Your magical life is infectious. Those who read it not only get inspired but also break a smile. Cheers!

Here are my questions for the nominee bloggers:

1. Given a chance to visit any other country, where would you go and why.
2. The thing you hate the most about yourself.
3.  A unforgettable train/plane/vehicle journey describe
4. Your favourite bollywood movie 
5. Given a chance to act as a leading role in a movie, who would you like to be paired opposite you.
6. What you don't like about the Indian Cricket team.
7. Your favourite news channel/newspaper and news anchor/journalist.
8. Your greatest support in life.
9. What would you do if the world is going to end tomorrow.
10. Which aspect of India would you like to change.
11. What you like/hate about my blog.

**Here are the details on receiving this award**
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves. 
2. Answer the questions that the nominator set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you've nominated to answer.
3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post
4. Go to their page and inform them.
post this image for the award

Congratulations to the nominees and may God bless the human being who invented blogging :)


  1. Wow some very interesting replies Sneha!! Way to go for u becoming an author! Well I am too a day-dreamer like you and fantasize about a lot of things!

    1. Thanks Shilpi for going through the post.

  2. Hey dear... well answered and the i liked the answer of my 3rd question.. :)

    great going and Happy blogging... :)

  3. ok, i have my name here as ur nominee... in the 7th place... but i really dont know what to do next ? !
    can u plz elaborate on what do i have to do now?

    1. Thank you for reading the post.
      You have to nominate other bloggers and set them questions. You have to answer my questions first though!

  4. Now look at this- you have surprised me.In fact i had nominated you in my draft for the same award.Guess i will have to change it now.
    Thank you Snehal!

    1. You are most welcome. Thank you for reading the post.

  5. Congo...congo...your blogs deserve this award!

  6. Congratulations Snehal! The award is well deserved!

    Thank you for nominating my blog also(The Standing Coin).Truly honoured :D

    1. You write very well. You deserve this award:):)