Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rain Rain, Don't Go Away!

These are the pictures that uplift my mood, freshens my mind and calms my temper! Whenever I see these rain clouds approaching, ready to shower the world with cold water, it brightens my day ahead.  As people in Chennai have to face the heat every day, such pictures do bring a lot of excitement and smiles around. Of course, different folks react differently. Ladies run on the terrace to bring back nearly dried clothes. Men are seen going towards their uncovered cars and bikes. If it’s raining heavily, it is a sure sign of upcoming power cuts! So a lot of headaches arrive with the monsoon. 

But it’s altogether cheerful for children. They don’t mind the rains a bit. Leaving their homework behind, they are ready to get drenched in rain water. Sometimes, looking at them, my mind rewinds to 10 years back when I was a kid. I would go on the terrace with my friends during first rain of the season every year. It used to be a good excuse. First rain, how to miss that? There was absolutely no fear of catching cold or studying for exams in our innocent minds. That work was left for our parents.

I heard her silent footsteps long before she came and stood before me. I came out of my reverie and turned. She was wearing a brilliant pink dress with her favourite Barbie printed on it.  She smiled and pointed at the rain clouds outside the window. It was starting to thunder at some distance in the sky. The clouds were engulfing the city in darkness. Far away, some construction workers were busy covering some parts of an under-construction building while the strong winds threatened to blow them away. There was pin-drop silence on the road. Everybody had taken a shelter somewhere. And then after ten minutes, it started to rain.

Nisha, my cute and charming little neighbour, was very excited about something. Call it the rain fever; I too didn’t want to work. I just wanted to enjoy the cool weather and stare at the rain gods.

Do you know what test we have tomorrow?” Nisha asked which got me back to my real world.   

Test?” I asked.

Yes, its Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!” she answered with a sweet smile. I understood her at that moment. Literature is her favourite subject while she detests mathematics. Just like me. Novel reading is her hobby and she loves books more than anything.    

Let’s go outside!” she announced suddenly.

Now? It’s raining out there” I said and pushed back the curtains so that she could have a nice view of the small drops of rain dropping on the window sill.

It’s not raining heavily! Come, we’ll go” she said and happily went outside dragging me along with her.

She played in the garden heartily lost in her own world. She liked looking at the small details like water drops on the palm trees, wet flowers and little flowers dancing to and fro in the strong wind. She made these observations which left me thinking when the last time I had enjoyed the rainy weather like that was. Small children can teach you a lot of things or rather will allow you to freely enter into their small world and feel like a kid yourself for a time being. And my neighbour has a great unseen power with her that attracts everybody within her range. Her happiness is infectious which can make any sad tired person to smile.     

When it finally started raining heavily, we were forced to come inside my home.  But still it didn’t dampen her spirits.

“Can we please T-Y-P-E?” she asked brightly bouncing on her little feet.  

She likes to read and write. And wants to become an author! Nowadays, she is typing an amazing story on Microsoft word. Yes, a small author is on her way to surprise the world with her talent.

Nisha, you make me proud of yourself! Hats off to you girl or I would if I was wearing one right now!



  1. When you are in the western world.. People generally hate clouds, they prefer sun over strom.. As it is generally cold out there.. Well, as you said there is nothing like the sight of clouds in South India..!!

    1. Yes, the rain clouds provide a spectacular view in south India.
      Thank you for reading the post.

  2. Somber and solemn. Yet capable of infusing the most rare of sensations. Lovely snaps and even lovelier depiction, Snehal

  3. a good capture of the rain scenario in words and in snaps...very nice Snehal!

  4. Rains are my love also-it is pure joy to sit in the balcony &watch the water pouring down.

  5. I remember the days when I used to go out in the rain. These days I just love watching animals in the rain and clicking and filming them.

  6. You are not an accidental writer, Snehal... you are born to write. Beaut narration, beaut pictures, and a great neighbour, Nisha.... Being a resident of Chennai, I do know our feelings when it starts to rain... I get way too excited and start clicking photos and for sure take a rain walk. You have a wonderful space out here and I am happy that I came to your spot... give us more... good luck to you and Nisha in your writing... god bless!

  7. Rains still make me a child....I love monsoons :)) Awesome pics.

  8. beautifully expressed the rain scene and emotion of little kid...light but refreshing article :)