Friday, September 21, 2012

A short trip to Snow World

Hello everyone! Have a wonderful and splendid time at Snow World! This is on behalf of the powerful snow-man from the side picture. He is addressing from one of the coldest amusement centers in the country aka Snow World! It is situated in Hyderabad and is one of those really cold places where you can have fun, entertainment and lots to play! You need not go all the way to America to witness the snow. All you have to do is visit the Snow World built near the Hussain Sagar Lake in Andhra Pradesh where you get an opportunity to walk in the thick snow, play around igloos, pose with the mighty snow-man and dance to the Bollywood songs! Meant for both adults and kids, it is a wonderful place for a family outing. 

It was a fine sunny day when I reached Snow World with my sisters and relatives. There was a good parking area where our driver parked the car with great relief and we happily got out. Full to the brim with excitement, we walked towards the main area. There was a place where one has to mandatorily submit their mobiles. If you want to take your cameras inside with you, you need to pay and get coupons for it. At the entry, there was a queue. We joined them and after few minutes, we were inside the fascinating place. We paid and bought the tickets. We passed our shoes and sandals at the next counter and got coupons in return.  Next in line, we were given protective clothes to wear above our original dresses. We wore jackets, gloves, socks and boots. Some got blue colours while others like me got red ones. They were neither clean nor dirty. They had been worn by others before us. One of my cousins complained about his boots being too loose for him. We went and got new ones for him.

After we were ready to face anything cold in our new avatar, we were led into a closed chamber that had a big round door. It was very strong and looked inviting! When everyone was inside, the door opened and voila! The place was white with snow and bustling with people who had arrived before us. As I walked for the first time in my life on snow, I realized how much blessed I was to have gotten an opportunity to visit the place! The snow was smooth and our boots could well go deeper in it with every step. I looked up and got a smashing hit of a snow ball on my face. Completely surprised, I blinked and shivered a bit. The snow was damn cold on my face. I cleared some of it with my hands and turned round only to see a couple of cute boys playing snow-fight nearby. The place was full of flying snow-balls and laughter. There was a net for playing throw-ball with lots of large plastic colorful balls lying around. At one end was a sleigh slide with larger part of the crowd around it. Other end had a kind of place erected for dancing to some fast music. Near the entrance was an igloo. A place similar to rock climbing was next to it which was hardly being used. Who wants to climb in snow when you can instead dance to Sheila Ki Jawani? Then there was my super strong snow man waving madly and content by posing with everyone.

My most adventurous part was going down in sleigh slides. I climbed the steps and reached the upper most part. It was very slippery. A man stood in front of me in the line eyeing everyone suspiciously. When his turn came to lie on the sleigh, he looked back and saw me.

Girana mat please”, he appealed to me.

I was taken aback. That was going to be my first slide ride. So naturally I had not gotten to push anybody down deliberately. Not yet anyway.

Main kyun giraongi tumhe?” I tried to knock some common sense into him.

Already teen baar gir chuka hoon” he said as if I was responsible for that. My sister visibly laughed out loud and tried to hide her face behind me. The man only seemed to get more irritated at this.

Main nahi tumhe push karne wali, now….will you get a move on?” I said and looked back at the long waiting queue. People were getting irritated at the hold up. Finally the man went down on the sleigh and whoosh! It went straight down within some nanoseconds. Now it was my turn. When my sleigh went down, I had kept my eyes shut and opened them only after my safe landing.

After some playing around in the snow, it was time for some dance. We joined others in the race to get the perfect place on the dance floor. Forgetting about their ages, everybody joined in it with enthusiasm. Bollywood songs were played in loud volume. It was picture perfect. The scenario resembled some disco dance! Afterwards when we were tired, we decided to just stroll around the place for some fun, clicking pictures and throwing snow in the air.

When the time was up, the main entrance opened and everyone was called out. But we didn’t want to go! Slowly dragging our feet forward reluctantly, we got out. Suddenly it felt very warm outside. We gave back the protective clothes and got back our own things. But the fun wasn’t over. Once we were outside, we went to eat some pav-bhaji at the front shop. After that, we went for some looking around the place. My sister dragged me to a beautiful teddy bears shop. I took out my camera only to see that a thin film of moisture had gathered on the lens. No doubt because of the snow inside. I tried rubbing it with a piece of clean cloth to get rid of it but to no avail. So finally, we had to use the moisture-stained camera to click the below final picture before the shopkeeper could shoo us away :)


  1. interesting, nice pictures:)

  2. Took me some time to believe that there is snow to be found in Hyderabad :-) Nice.