Tuesday, August 28, 2012

U-19 champs are here!

Can anything be more exciting? Our young world cup champions are here at last, in Mumbai! For the millions of fans in India, these cricketers have given a reason to celebrate non-stop.  You cannot stop the Indian fans from partying, anyway. To beat Australia in its home town is no small achievement.

Unmukt Chand led India to a spectacular win by his excellent batting performance at the crucial time in the final against Australia. The young captain kept his cool throughout the match. A hint of a future M.S.Dhoni already! The Delhi batsman writes diary and refers dictionary, something which one does not get to hear often.  Another consistent batsman is Baba Aparajith who hails from Chennai and shows a promising career ahead. And the bowlers deserve praise for their performance.  Sandeep Sharma took four wickets to ruin the Australian batting order, the first blow for the host. India started to win from there on and did not look back.  

It was a good team effort, quite commendable that led to lifting the ICC under-19 Cricket world cup. No doubt that the names of these players will become popular in upcoming days. Felicitation ceremonies, interviews and advertisements are yet to start! Watch out for them on your TV ads and news channels. They truly deserve the attention and recognition. Let’s hope for the best for these young cricketers. But may they never get distracted from their main priority! The reason for their smiles and the nation’s first love- CRICKET.  

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