Sunday, August 12, 2012

Morning Newspapers & Teas

Imagine a morning when your newspaper boy forgets to drop newspaper at your doorstep. Or else he is late. Very late. When does he delivers anyway? 6.15 am or 6.30 am. Definitely before 7.30 am. But it is 8 am almost now and there is no sign of your daily newspaper outside your door. The first thing you might do is to look at your neighbour’s doorstep. Have they been delivered their newspaper yet? If no, then you might curse and shut the door, a little harshly. You might call up the newspaper vendor and let out all your frustration. You might remind him about few home truths like how much important is a morning newspaper to you and command him to deliver it immediately because you have already paid him a month’s bill in advance. What does he reply? Perhaps after a bit of initial silence, he might apologize saying he would deliver the newspaper with some other boy in half an hour. After this conversation, you might relax and wait assuredly. But suppose it does not turn up at all? Your frustration would be enough to ruin your day. For the record, its just morning now. The whole day is still remaining in front of you and you are not aware of what more trouble is in store for you. But you don’t give a damn to it and just mumble about your newspaper. How ironic it is! The newspaper changes to your newspaper in an instant.     

My grandfather will not start his morning routine without reading newspaper. If it is not delivered any day, he will himself go to the newspaper stall on the street, without worrying about his morning schedule getting disturbed. Being a diabetic, he needs to eat in time and take his medicines. But he can blow up his whole routine just for the sake of getting his favourite newspaper in time. When you have a television and so many news channels coming up, you can watch live news in the morning instantly. I pointed this fact to him. But he just made a face and went on reading his newspaper making a sign to me to not disturb him further.

What is it about newspapers anyway? Why do people crave for it in the morning so badly? Why cant they just switch on to some news channel instead? Maybe these newspapers have become part pf our lives. Just like we need to do some things in time like waking up, exercises, lunch, dinner etc. we need to have our newspaper in front of us in the morning with a cup of tea. Nothing could replace that. Absolutely nothing. Not even news channels shouting breaking news at the top of their voices on your television screen. I got into this annoying habit as well. I grew up watching my grandpa and then my parents reading newspaper every morning. And that habit has passed on to me. And nobody dares mess with me when I am reading. Anybody disturbing while I am reading is intolerable. ……simply can’t stand it!



  1. Well...I am not into too much of Hard copy of any newspaper but I love reading a Soft copy...just out of curiosity ...which newspaper do you read?

  2. I am a frequent reader of The Hindu.

  3. Ok, you earned a fan for you by saying "The Hindu" ;)