Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Kya Super Kool Hai Ice Age !

 I was busy watching a movie when my kaamwali bai entered. She was late again. It was perhaps her habit now-to enter late, stare at the mess and utter a cuss word. Search for the broom and start cleaning right away in a manner that suggested she had a plane to catch. Anyway, I was least bothered by now and turned my attention to the movie again. After some time I sensed her watching me from behind. I looked back and saw that she was smirking. She pointed at the television and said, “ yeh toh bachhon ki picture hai….tum kyon dekh rahi ho ?”  Because I am not from Mars or Jupiter, I thought angrily. Resisting the urge to reply, I turned again to my super cool movie.

It was the Ice Age movie. I was watching perhaps for the twentieth time. The adventure of Manny, Diego and Sid is too much fun to watch always. The movie series which kicked off in 2002 is still being watched by millions of viewers. Its every part is a hit at the box office. Is it because of Sid the ever babbling sloth? Or Manny the strong mammoth? Whatever may be the reason, hats off to the director who makes such films which differs from other films in a lot many ways. Being a comedy and action-packed animated movie, it brings out a lot more in characters.  The fourth part of the series Ice Age: Continental Drift is, there are no other words to describe it, cool!  It is cooler than Kya Super Kool Hai Hum any day. Sorry Ritesh, but get a move on because I like Sid instead!

Being a die-hard fan of Robert Pattinson, how in the world did I get addicted to an animated movie? Blame my best friend for that. Once she talked about the movie and I criticized her taste for getting thrill out of an animated movie! Ughh…how many times have we watched cartoons in our childhood? Right from Mowgli, Tin-Tin, Tom and Jerry, Heidi to Swat Cats, I thought we had watched enough of that in childhood. Its time to grow up now. But I watched the first part of the movie on her persistence. And now blame her and the Hollywood director! Because of them, I am a fan of Ice Age now as well. I am glued to the television every time the movie comes. 

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