Monday, January 16, 2012

The Indian Team Saga

Indian team has done it again, losing the test series in Australia & Border-Gavaskar trophy in a 'give-all-take-nothing' attitude. Has anyone ever witnessed a more pathetic performance? Or is it that my eyes are deceiving me? Even now I can hear it, news anchors discussing ( or arguing?) with retired cricketers over the various flaws and severe mistakes committed by the team. Losing a straight seventh test match on foreign grounds is not something one gets to hear everyday,right? Nor does my grandfather switches off the television set during a live match any time,come what may. But this time he not only unplugged  the television cable but also went out of the house, fuming and cursing on god knows what ( well...I have an idea on what).

When India won the ICC cricket world cup 2011, the nation celebrated it like a festival. There are hardly any specific words invented in the history of mankind to justify that feeling,joy,ecstasy and tears that the world cup showered on the country. The Indian cricket team were blessed and praised by all for their outstanding performance. But the same team has hung its head in Australia. Fans have been disappointed. Viewers are thirsty for some serious cricket action from the team. The world cup champions have proved it yet again. They are good at home grounds but suck at foreign pitches. After a humiliating loss in England, the loss in Australia raises many eyebrows. Has the Indian team learnt nothing from their defeats? 

Not that the series was uneventful. Trust the Indian team to come up with it. If the electronic media is to be believed, the Indian team went on trips and rides during morning hours abandoning practice sessions. A bit of fun is justified but enjoying such outgoings just when you are losing every match is intolerable.Virat Kohli and Eshant Sharma lost their cool during the matches. Showing middle fingers at the crowd won't help anyone's cause. Ok,fine. The crowd got aggravated and expressed that vocally and so they reacted. But do we see senior players like Sachin Tendulkar and VVS Laxman doing the same thing ? No,never. There are some ethics to be followed when one is representing one's country. Captain cool has proved that he is really cool. He wants to retire from one format of the game (has he become that old,huh?). And no dramas there. He took all the blame and responsibility for the loss of the series too. Wow, really cool,eh!! Then there was hardly any right bowling done by Indian bowlers. And its advantage was taken by the Aussies. Their long partnerships proved too good to be true for Indian batsmen. Rahul Dravid found many holes in his wall, Tendulkar crashed under the heavy burden of 100th ton and every critic is asking for Laxman to be shown the door.  

         But there is always a ray of light at the end of the tunnel. Umesh Yadav turned out to be a good pacer. He took his maiden five wicket haul in third test at Perth. Australian pitch has helped fast bowlers so far and Umesh took it fairly up to his advantage.Well, all said and done, its team India itself that has to come up with a winning solution at Adelaide. With Dhoni been granted a one test match ban, Sehwag needs to show some miracle from men in blue.



  1. our bowling is gud...dey r makin der al effforts...but our batsmen r in take lite attitude...if dis continues den evn bangladesh caneasily win.....viru's performance is dissapointin...our taileneders r atlst tryin 2 bat...but our toporder r least bothered abt sad

  2. good writeup .. in a nutshell..
    yes, like you all the indian cricket fans are disappointed :(