Thursday, September 01, 2011

NO to Ragging

I was sitting in the bus, on my favorite window seat when I heard the commotion outside. There seemed to be a huge crowd outside at a particular point in the campus looking like they were watching an entertaining show. Amused, I walked out of the bus too. After much pushing and 'excuse-me', I came in the front. There were some fourth year students,crying and pleading with some professors. After a few moments I realized that they had been smartly caught ragging first years by those professors.A girl nearby whispered in her neighbor's ear,"excellent! Now these people will learn some lesson". The other one giggled. For some strange reason, I realized that I could not stand there one more second. I was feeling embarrassed. Maybe because I was a final year student too. Unbelievable.

I boarded the bus again and went on my seat. When I sat, the seat underneath creaked. Damn bus! Maybe all its part will come out some day!! And so on, I started cursing everything around me. I do this whenever I feel angry. My anger was coming from my old memories when I was ragged by my seniors. I remember many incidents.

It has become a habit of 'interaction' between seniors and juniors in every college bus nowadays. The thing was the same when I was a fresher. Being a day's scholar, I had to listen to various senior's demands and commands. It was another thing that I never listened to them. Whenever I was called, I used to pretend to be sick. But luck can't favor you always. I was sometimes caught off-guard and I had to listen to various stupid demands of the seniors-" Bring me a Cadbury  right now"," Tomorrow you should not wear jeans ", " Say good morning to every senior you meet today" etc. I wanted to ask them back," You are a beggar, are you? Not having money to buy chocolates ?" But I hardly could do that. And there was the usual bus CR who once announced loudly," Ragging is not allowed. Any juniors having any problem,call me." Only the next day came towards my seat and said" Get up. Sit some where else." WHAT THE HELL ? I came first for god sake! But I got up nonetheless and had to stand on the whole journey in the bus. All the seats had been taken up. I was already suffering from stomachache and had a bad headache after reaching home. All the body pains not only because of standing in the bus for an hour but also because of feeling hurt,anguish and injustice.

This all was very irritating to me. Today, when I look back, I feel happy to be in final year. But when episodes of cheap ragging comes into lime light, my old memories flash back in front of me. In third year, I caught a senior ragging a first year girl. The poor girl was told to parade the whole campus imitating a soldier and salute whomever she meets. That girl looked tired and close to tears. I felt sympathetic towards her. I went  to the senior and asked her not to order anything  so. That girl looked at me and said," mind your own business." I did not let it go so easily. I kept arguing with her. Exasperated, she shot back," when we were in first year, we did too all these things for our seniors. So why leave these freshers so easily now?"   I wanted to slap her at that moment. 

Ragging is fine upto asking introduction of the freshers. Answering their doubts and helping them in whatever way we can. But bullying and insulting them is a strict NO. 

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  1. yeah evn i remember was such painful.....but it gave me sum gud frns among seniors....ragging is always nt depends on other persn also......