Saturday, September 17, 2011

Five point someone : 3 idiots :: Copy: Paste

I was very curious after 3 idiots got released. What a hit movie! It instantly grabbed attention from audience, students, and colleges too perhaps. Chetan Bhagat, the author of the best selling novel-five point someone claimed that the movie had taken the main idea from his book! So, was the movie based on a novel? No, it wasn’t. Or so, the director and the producer pronounced or rather declared like a judge of the Supreme Court. I too gave in. We have heard Salman Khan making remakes of Tollywood but who has ever heard of Aamir Khan acting in a movie based on a novel?  There was press conference and lots of debate in the media as well.

Right now, I have finished reading five point someone myself. Yeah, I know, it’s a bit late. But better late than never right? And guess what! 3 idiots is indeed based on five point someone. It’s just that Mr.Bhagat has written about 3 student’s lives during IITs. Whereas our beloved Mr.Hirani has gone beyond 4 years of engineering.

Coming to five point someone, it’s a story about Alok, Ryan and Hari who are in IIT-mechanical department. Ryan is cool and talks about degrading standards of IIT just like Aamir aka Rancho in 3 idiots. Hari’s character portrays that of someone who wants to be like his friends and gets engaged with a professor’s daughter (remember how in the movie, Rancho romances with kareena, the director’s daughter?). The most crying-baby character is of Alok. He has a paralytic father, a mother working as a teacher and a sister who mournfully is reaching her marriageable-age. Alok is very poor financially. This character has also been taken as Raju Rastoli in the movie. Plus, how can we forget the scooter scenes in the movie? Well, originally it is Ryan’s scooter in the book. Ryan always challenges the education system at IIT, makes a radio in the major- completely opposite to what their experiment is, thinks practically and most of all, he loves and helps his friends till the end, no matter what! This reminds me of Rancho!! How he helped Farhan and Raju in difficult times!

In the book, professor asks students the definition of a machine. To which we get the answer that it is anything that reduces human effort. These same lines have been delivered well in the movie too. So to conclude my little argument, 3 idiots is indeed 50% from five point someone. The main idea, characters and situations have been copied from the book in the movie. Only Mr. Hirani has cleverly re-written the script putting his own brains and BANG…..the movie is an all-time hit.

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  1. wat eva it is....da movie has entertaind us a lot.....n i knw u watch it daily now also...