Thursday, September 22, 2011

The elixir of our beauty....!!

I just cannot escape from this reality. I can’t because my television always gives me reminders.  No matter how old I am, I need to give a lot of attention towards my beauty or else my life will become a torture. I will not be able to survive with my head held high in the society. 

The advertisements tell me that I should use those beautiful and life saving creams on my face to hide my wrinkles and pimples which are termed as one of seven signs of ageing. No matter what my age is, according to the ads, I should start worrying about my future looks and so start taking care of it from now onwards. And I should always look fair and pale. Those who are black lose their confidence easily and so they should go for those cheap fairness creams. My hair looks like unmaintained grass because I don’t use that particular shampoo followed by the conditioner. My armpit must and should look like the same color as the rest of my body. I must rely on health drinks and sugar free capsules to stay fit. Forget about home-food, they make one fat. I must protect my face from very harmful UV rays or else I might lose my job for looking too tan. I must always look beautiful, energetic and glowing or else people will ignore me and my life will become one hell of a living thing.  

When did we become such a narrow-minded society? The advertisers seem to pull all the plugs in the race for increasing their TRPs. All the models look like they have just come out of beauty parlors. And viewers are supposed to follow them. Maybe everybody should look like they have just come out of spas and parlors even when they have just come out of their schools, colleges, offices and homes. It’s a crime if anyone is found to be sporting a pimple. And all those ageing lot, beware! Very big danger ahead!

Below are some cartoons that I came across thanks to Google.

It does not matter any more if wrong messages are spread among people. Every day, different ads come and go. Message remains common. If we don’t use those beauty products out there, our lives will be ruined, neglected and unimportant. But if this is the case, how did my mother and her mother before her and so on managed to keep their skins look clean and remain healthy? They never applied expensive creams and never drank any health drinks! They never had any conditioner to apply after shampoo. But their hair remained silky and shiny for a long time. 

So, then, I have a good idea. For those lots out there, who are like me- pimples and dark faced, have a great chance in our lives in spite of looking ugly. We can go to our beloved advertisers and beg them to give us a shot in their advertisements as ugly models under the banner of ‘beauty products istamaal naa karna kaa anjaam…!’