Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Interview

I had completed my aptitude test. And was in a dilemma later. Should I wait for the results or should I go?
The aptitude test was ok but certainly not fantastic. I called my mum and told her. I sent a message to my best friend that I have  NOT been selected for the second round which was an interview with a senior HR  from the company. She called me. 

Safina : So, the results are out ?
      me: No, not yet.
Safina ( aghast): But you msgd me that you did not get in!
      me: I wrote the aptitude paper. I know what answers I have written. 
Safina :How did you attempt?
      me:Well...logical was fine. But I dont know about verbal. Time was less and I could attempt      passages in  the end. I dont know safina, whether they are correct also or not!
 Safina: But you wait in the campus and tell me when the results are out. ok?
     me: Fine.

(  I went inside the seminar hall. Met Sony and we started discussing further.)

Sony: How did you write?
    me: I am ready to catch the 4.40pm bus now. 
( Everybody in the vicinity laughed. Our college bus leaves at 4.40pm. Meaning that I was ready to catch it as I knew I won't be selected for the interview.)

After some moments, a HR of the reputed company came and announced.....

HR: The results of the aptitude test conducted is out. Now those names I am going to call out, please come forward for the interview.

( He had a single sheet in his hand. He held it in front of him and called out..)


( I was paralyzed with shock. Didn't move an inch. Sony nudged me. I still didn't move. )

Sony( whispered): Areyy...get up!!!
                   me: Which Snehal does he wants?
( To this, Sony literally shouted to the HR.)
Sony: Which branch sir?
  HR:  Branch is not mentioned here....birth date will do?

( Oh, yes. Anything will do, I thought.........Everybody were talking in low whispers by this time.HR was again 
 scanning the list. After a few moments, he cleared his throat. )

HR: arrr.....Tripathi Snehal..??????

( Now I jumped. I ran towards the HR . I was signalled to stand in the front to wait for other candidates.)
I could not believe my luck.
Below mentioned is the interview which I faced by another HR  of the company................

I was standing outside the interview room. A volunteer told me to go inside the room when called. After a few tense moments, I heard my name being called. I dragged my legs forward and entered the room.

HR: Snehal?
 me: Yes sir.
HR: Please sit.
 me(sitting): Thank you sir.
( He started scanning my resume. I waited patiently.)
HR: Dont be tense or something 
( I looked at his face in horror. So, was my face that easy to read?)
 me: I am fine sir. Thank you.
HR (smiling): So, what all projects have you done?
( I told him. I had by-hearted my own project titles from my resume like a parrot. I answered him at top speed. )
HR: So, did you face any problems during these projects ?
 me: Yes sir. I had a lot of problems but I could finish all the projects in time.
HR: What problems did you face?
 me: I have been the team leader of my projects all the time. The toughest challenge I faced was convincing others that what I am doing is right, meaning my team members. Sometimes people's egos clash too. I had to deal with that as well.
HR: Did you not plan how you would go on with your projects before? No planning?
me: I plan and then execute everything in projects.
HR( smiling ): Then how come you faced problems? You say that you planned everything.............
( At this point, I wished that the Earth might open up and pull me inside it to hide. Seriously, how should I answer now????..........)
me: Sir, we plan everything but forecasting is different and in reality at the last moment, anything can happen. Before any projects, I plan and accordingly execute them. But at the last minute what will happen is very hard to predict. Just have to deal with it.
HR: You finished your projects in time?
me: Yes, sir.
( The HR was very impressed with my answer, I could see that. He started scanning my resume again.)
HR: You know Marathi?
me: Yes, sir. I have lived in Maharashtra for more than 10 years to complete my schooling.
HR: You have bagged many prizes in essay writing competitions.....
me: Yes,sir.  
HR: ok. Snehal. You may go now.
me: Thank you sir.
( I forwarded my hand for the shake. We shook hands and I left the room and  bumped into another candidate. She asked me how did the interview go. I answered ,unable to resist, "COOL" loudly. To which the volunteer, standing outside attending to other waiting candidates whispered "shshhh!!" )

I waited till late at night for the result. And guess what....I did get in. I got selected in Infosys!


  1. It was good snehal and congrats u got selected.. it is one of the great experiences of our lives. :-) - anjani

  2. hi buddy........finally read ua blog!!vry gud re...