Friday, June 24, 2011

School days-K.E.S

Remember your school? Your friends,teachers,classrooms? That playground and stage? Every year you had annual function and sports. You had to pay attention in your classes and you couldn't bunk. Those hours in the morning........I wish I could go back and live those moments again.

As a final year student of Electrical and Electronics engineering, I have realized the importance of my school days. My school was very simple in architecture. One side open towards the town and the other side to Arabian sea. Awesome view!! Every morning I had to get up early to get ready for school with mum ( she had to prepare my tiffin box ). I had to literally run with my heavy bag on my drooping shoulders to reach school in time. Its an altogether a different matter that I used to be always late till seventh std. Then it was time for punishment! Bhagat sir ( P.T teacher ) used to make us run around the playground or a single hit with a wooden scale on each of our palms. Late comers were always punished no matter what. Then  I had to assemble on the first floor for prayer with my classmates. We sang Hindi prayer, national anthem followed by pledge. Then we attended classes. Our lunch break was for 15-20 mins. Not good!! But nobody complained.

Whenever annual day celebration date was announced ( we called it gathering ), we used to start dance practices nearly a month before. Every day last two hours was allotted to this. was time for music, masti and lots of noise. Sports day was held for three days ( meant no school work and attendance used to be full!). My class had a lot of good dancers and we all participated enthusiastically. Who doesn't want to dance anyway? On the night of  gathering, audiences used to gather early to get the best sits. The program used to start in the evening at 4 pm and end at 11pm. All the parents used to assemble to see their kids perform on the stage. No cell cameras, no mobile videos....but still the evening used to be in everyone's mind for a long period of time. The next day used to be prize distribution day........everyone's favorite!! The whole year's prize winners were awarded with medals and certificates.Prizes were for different competitions being held before like poetry, essay-writing, singing, speeches, dance, plays, top rankers etc.The award ceremony used to start with the speeches of the people on the dais- the most boring part.But later was the best part for students. Whenever prizes were announced, the particular student would get a tumultuous applause from his/her class. Just imagine - you go on to the stage and the chief guest bestows you with medal and certificate and then you turn and see that everybody is cheering and of the  happiest moments of my life.

When I entered tenth class,the usual phase of nervous breakdown started. But I had good teachers and me along with my friends fared well in our board exams. I remember our farewell party at school. Ground floor classroom with all senior teachers sitting in the front. Some students had even given some speeches including me. How much long was that? How much time has elapsed in between??...............................

Right now looking back, I miss my school days a lot. I am not even in the town!! I get calls from my friends and only one question is evidently being asked," when are you coming back?" And I dont know what to answer. Stuck in college life now and careers ahead of us.I have a pre-placement training going on right now!!! Everybody has started talking about interviews and  which is your dream company crap. And all I want is to meet my friends and teachers in Alibaug  and play dodge-ball in the playground!!!!! And hello! I am going to go inside the circle first!!!!, priyanka and pooja first....what say????

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